Hot girls spending 100k slippers

December 05, 2019
Hermes sandals 
which go for $110,00 
at Vanity Swim.
Hermes sandals which go for $110,00 at Vanity Swim.

While many persons may not be earning $100,000 monthly, some young girls are spending that amount on just one pair of name-brand slippers.

According to Raven Rankine, co-owner of Vanity Swim online store, the Hermes sandals, which she sells for $110,000, is one of the hottest selling commodities.

"There are a lot of persons who may save up their money to buy them but there are others who can easily afford them. I have a lot of different brands on the sites but the most expensive are the Fendi and the Hermes. All of my clients are Jamaicans and my clientele is between the age group 18-30 years old. The bank and call centers employees are our biggest customers, " she told THE STAR.

The hefty price tag is not a deterrent for her customers, as Rankine says she sells about 10-15 pairs of the sandals on a weekly basis.

She stated that it was a personal experience that prompted her to launch the online store in June of this year.

"Last year, I was in Jamaica and wanted a pair of authentic slippers and I couldn't really find them, then I keep telling myself that must be the way other persons feel as well, so that was the reason I particularly choose this business," she said.

Rankine added that many Jamaicans now prefer to purchase authentic designer brands, noting that they get value for their money with high-end purchases.

"People will see others in it and when they see the price tag they will say 'Ohh I wanna get it too', so they send their boyfriends to get it for them. The Tory Burch slippers are much more affordable and those go for a price of between $20,000-$40,000. These can be worn everyday but for the other high-end brands, people will wear them to special events and so on," she said.

But while her clientele continues to grow, some persons believe that spending that amount on footwear is quite ridiculous.

"If mi buy slippers fi $110,000, it must mek mi walk pon water like Jesus," one person said.

Another joked that for that price, the Hermes slippers should guarantee them safe passage through the pearly gates of heaven.

Other's also stated that they could easily get a pair of the 'knock off' brands at a much cheaper price. Rankine, however, countered this argument, stating that authentic products last longer.

"Some people will say you can't tell the real from the fake but that is not true. The quality of the materials are different. Also when a person buys a fake product, it is usually very over priced. It's better to save up like about five times and buy the original product," Rankine said.

The male versions of the brands are also available at Vanito Designs, also co-owned and operated by Rankine.

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