When Cham’s mom ‘changed’ his Christmas gift

December 13, 2019

While Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year for most people who get the opportunity to spend quality time with relatives and friends, for entertainers like Jamaica-born dancehall superstar Cham, the bookings increase and the show must go on.

Hailing from Sherlock Crescent, Cham, given name Damion Beckett, said that his Ghetto Story fame is one thing, but it has only made him work even more throughout the holiday periods.

"We [entertainers] live on the road, and it is hard to enjoy that one-on-one family time at this time of the year," Cham told THE WEEKEND STAR following a spectacular performance at the Coppershot 25th anniversary last Saturday.

He revealed that he appreciated being part of the celebration, as it was like a gift to him to return home in December even though he'd be travelling the next day.

The Desperate Measures deejay said, "It is a known fact that Christmas, at its core, is something for family and friends, who we class as family, to enjoy together. I leave here to return at some point again before the year ends. But even as I am here, I will have events ... because work is constant."

Cham said that his 'Christmas I'll never forget' story is not about a memorable time with family, but is probably one that many young boys could relate to.

"I remember that Christmas, because I got some money from my dad and immediately went and bought a black water gun," Cham recalled proudly of his purchase. "It was just one of those things or toys little boys were interested in, not that I can say the correct age, but I was a likkle yute."

The deejay's heartwarming memory continues with his mother Jenny Beckett, who he publicly sings praises of in several productions.

But for this particular memory, mom was not in his good books, as she took away the water gun from little Damion.

"My mother took away the water gun, took up herself and went out to get me a fire truck," said Cham, suggesting that she possibly thought it was a better toy, and it probably was.

But he laughed as he added, " the fire truck was stolen the next day."

Cham does not share the exact reason the memory stands out significantly as one he will never forget, but expressed that it warms his heart as he continued laughing about it.

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