Centenarian hailed as a selfless community mother

December 27, 2019

Luna Dixon is believed to be about 103 years old. The centenarian is hailed by almost everyone in her Benbow Street, St Andrew residence as a community mother, who despite not having any children of her own, nurtured dozens of kids in the area.

"She was a madda to a whole lot a kids, including Tony Spaulding," her niece 66-year old Alma Dixon, said.

Spaulding is a former member of parliament who represented South St Andrew, the area in which Benbow Street falls.

"Her birth certificate says a 101 but she said her mother had registered late. She acts miserable and is very stubborn at times, but I know it comes with her age, so we are very patient with her and don't pay her any mind. She has memory lost sometimes, so like now she don't really know who we are " Alma, her caregiver said.

When the news team, visited Miss Luna last week, she had just got her bath and was relaxing in her favourite chair in her one bedroom house. Alma has only praises for the elderly woman, who she said has made a positive impact on the lives of many.

"My auntie loving and kind bad but she very strict. You couldn't do any and anything around her at all. No bad manners pickney could a deh round her. She was very encouraging and inspiring. She always a push people towards achieving them goals," she said.

Dixon was born in St Catherine, but moved to Kingston in search of work in the mid 1930s. Although she worked as a domestic helper for a while, her real talent was around the sewing machine.

"Back in the days, I know she was the best dress maker there was. Yuh could a give her any style to make and she do it perfectly man. People never use to go anywhere else because she was very neat," Alma said.

Dixon was last week given much needed toiletries by the Denham Town police. Alma was glad for the donation, but said they are faced with one burning issue - the state of their home.

"It's a pool in here when rain falls but we try to keep her as safe as possible so she don't get sick. A night time the breeze come in and thing so mi would really glad if we could get the roof fix and so on. We are currently using a outside bathroom so we have to take in the water to sponge bathe her, so if we could get a inside bathroom, she would be good," she said.

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