Nine-year-old autistic boy shot in his home

July 06, 2020

Police are investigating who shot a nine-year-old autistic boy inside his home in Kingston 11 last Saturday.

The boy, who is speech-impaired, is currently in hospital in critical condition. His mother Roxanna, who was at work at a nearby restaurant, said she only learned of the incident after her mother called her in distress.

"Is mi mother mi hear call mi and mi rush come over and den mi see mi bredda with mi son on top of the fridge with a sheet wrapped round him, and mi grab mi son same time and rush him to children. Mi see the bleeding and mi bredda say it come in like him get shot and mi ask how, and him say him nuh know. So mi just carry him to the hospital," she said.

According to a report from the police, a doctor on duty at the hospital reported that the child received gunshot wounds to the abdomen and left side of the chest.

The boy's grandmother also stated that she did not hear any explosions, and only learned that something had gone terribly wrong when she heard her son crying out.

"None a we nuh know because we weren't in the house. Only him uncle can explain and tell yuh wat happen because a di two a dem alone was in the room. Him uncle love him bad and him play di role of father and uncle to him. Is him only nephew so him take care of him and buy him all bicycle and so on. Him would a take out him heart and give him," she said.

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