J’cans spend thousands to get foreign magic

July 24, 2020

Scores of Jamaicans have been reportedly making requests to join the Montego Bay-based Zion Society spiritual group, in hopes of attaining spells that grant them great wealth and health.

Some of the spells are alleged to be 'sourced' from as far as Egypt.

Master of the society, Professor Micheal Aba, says that after paying the US$450 (approximately J$65,000) membership fee, the society offers members seven free spells including a special 'secrete wish spell' that grants the member any desire they have.

"For the membership years, a member can order whatever spell or rituals they desire, whether it is success in business, spells to remove bad luck, curses and demons, prosperity rituals, court case rituals, high-level protection rituals, marriage spells, relationship fixer spells, job promotion or job security," he said, adding that the well-being of members and their families is the number one priority.

He added that members of Zion Society, which is also registered in the US, have the opportunity to divulge in African and Jewish spiritualism on a higher plane.

"Persons are seeking to be on higher spiritual planes, to position their lives and family lives and gain protection from the virus or their business from financial ruin. Many of our members are now forming additional businesses from the need of the pandemic and have renewed their membership for our blessings," he said.

NOT the Illuminati

Aba said that Zion Society, which has more than 1,000 members, is neither a cult, nor a spin-off of the alleged international collective known as the Illuminati.

"In a cult, the members are bound to stay in that organisation and the membership is subjected to the leader who reaps most of the benefits. We are a community of private members, who are free to leave or join our society without a rigorous process or bonding. No one is ever forced to make any decision on Zion Society. Members make informed decisions and participate in activities at their benefit and acknowledgement," he said.

Aba said there is a spiritual screening process where he personally vets each candidate with his spiritual radar.

"This ensures that the persons requesting membership will be a good fit in the organisation. We never ask what an individual do for a living but we always let it be known that we are for the good of mankind. If the person that wants to be a member has bad intentions, then that person will never be a member of the society, because we are all for good," he said.

Zion Society was formed a decade ago and operated secretly before going public. Aba encouraged Jamaicans to embrace the spiritual powers in our soil.

"We are not concerned about the acceptance of the general population, because those that need our brotherhood and sisterhood seek us out and do find us. Our work and worldwide members testify for themselves. When we can use our power to change the life of a person in Belgium from our temple in Jamaica, we must be masters," he said.

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