Woman offers free WiFi to neighbours’ children

October 12, 2020
Kacey-Ann Campbell
Kacey-Ann Campbell

When Kacey-Ann Campbell was a youngster, she lacked basic commodities for a few years.

Watching her mother struggle to make ends meet, she vowed that she would use her own experience to motivate her to extend a helping hand to children in need.

For more than a week, the Portmore, St Catherine resident, has been offering free WiFi to children who do not have access to the Internet in heir homes.

"When I was younger, my siblings and I didn't have electricity for a couple of years and it was a guy who decided to help us. That alone taught me that good people exist. So far, about 10 children have been using it (her WiFi) to do their schoolwork, and I am open to as many as I can help. It may just seem as a simple WiFi to some persons but, for these children, it is an avenue for them to do online learning," she said.

Campbell, 26, said that the children usually stay at the fence to connect to her platform.

Always be available

"The children mostly stay at the fence to connect to the WiFi but I am good with that because, in this day and age, you just cannot trust strangers with your children. Once these kids need it, it will always be available," she said.

The WiFi isn't open to everyone. To ensure that those who need it most have access, persons contact her through her social media page, and she puts in the code when they get to her dweling. She said she will take as many children as the WiFi can accommodate.

She stressed the importance of the youths of today acquiring an education, adding that sometimes it will take more than their parents and teachers to help them along the way.

"When I was growing up, my mother couldn't afford Internet much less electronics. So, from I was younger, I just always want to be that person who helps children," she said. "I try to put myself in their shoes because I know what it feels like to need something and my mom just couldn't afford it. One of the best things that a child can get is a solid education and, if I can help by offering Internet services, then I am happy."

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