St Catherine cabbies rally to fix York Street

September 15, 2021

A group of St Catherine taxi operators turned Monday's designated no-movement day into labour day by banding together to effect repairs to a section of the York Street roadway.

The group consisted operators who ply the Linstead to Yorke Street and Russell Pen route in rural St Catherine.

"The road a mash up di car dem, simple," said David Murdoch, one of the operators. "The money that you wuck daily gone back in repairs so we affi try and help weself," he added.

No-movement have been instituted by the Government as a way of slowing the spread of COVID-19. Only essential workers and certain categories of designated workers are allowed outside their homes during no-movement days. The cabbies did not report for their usual work, but instead opted to replace their vehicles keys with shovels and pickaxes as they set about their road repair business.

"Front-end parts are very expensive. Rock-end, control arms and ball joints have to be replaced weekly due to the road, and we are tired to demonstrate for better road," said Fitzroy Paul, one of the cabbies.

The taxi operators received support from several residents who are fed up about the general state of the road.

"For years the road has been this way," Melanie Dacres said. " I commend the efforts of the operators. This is needed, even though it's a no-movement day. I hope that the authorities will come and assist."

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