One1Can likens paternity fraud to scamming

November 17, 2021
Milton ‘One1Can’ Wray
Milton ‘One1Can’ Wray

Jamaica's dubious distinction of having a high level of paternity fraud is reflective of a society that refuses to hold women accountable for their actions.

This, according to controversial recording artiste and businessman Milton Wray, who supports St James Central Member of Parliament Heroy Clarke's proposal for paternity testing for newborns to be mandated. Wray, who uses the stage name One1Can, told THE STAR that he believes that paternity fraud has grave consequences for future generations, and that the women who engage in it should be held to account.

"It is scamming and no different from the laws on lotto scamming or obtaining money by fraudulent means. It is fraud by trickery because what some of these women are doing is using the baby to obtain money from several men. Some of them go as far as to get falsified birth certificates in the name of getting money from men. It is a serious matter because we are being seen as the country that produces the most jackets," Wray said.

In 2019, Polygenics Consulting, a company that offers DNA testing in Jamaica, disclosed that in 70 per cent of their tests the men who were named as fathers had nothing to do with the paternity of the children. In other words, seven in every 10 paternity tests conducted by the lab showed that the men were not the fathers.

Wray said that there seems to be a double standard in society as it relates to commenting on the behaviour of women.

"It all stems from feminism and so even with the jacket-giving thing right now, it is being handled with kid gloves because it is politically incorrect to criticise the bad behaviour of a woman," he said. "There seems to be some sensitivity with criticising women. Of all the commentary, not one person I have seen condemning women to say it is wrong and that they must stop doing what they are doing. If I want to know if I am the biological father for that child, how am I women shaming?"

Wray said 'uncontrollable promiscuity' in society is a driving force behind 'jacket-giving', adding that most young girls who get pregnant today have to guess who the father is.

"I don't have to have empirical data. I am a living, breathing human being walking and talking to many people in the streets. I know of a girl who did three DNA tests and none of the men were the fathers. This is someone I know personally," he said.

Wray also batted down the notion that men who criticise the actions of women do so because they hate them or have an agenda.

"The only agenda that I have is born out of the fact that I love women so much that it breaks my heart to see some of the things that they are doing," he said.

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