Sickly St Bess woman loses home in fire

March 09, 2022
Nadine Thorpe
Nadine Thorpe
The remnants of Thorpe’s home which was destroyed by fire last Friday.
The remnants of Thorpe’s home which was destroyed by fire last Friday.

Nadine Thorpe said her heart skipped several beats when one of her neighbours informed her that her three-bedroom dwelling was on fire last Friday.

The 64-year-old woman, who was at a doctor's office in Savanna-la-Mar, rushed to her home in New Market, St Elizabeth, hoping to save some of her belongings, but it was too late. She said she watched in horror as the flames ravaged through the only house she knew.

"I suffer from a terrible case of pneumonia as well as pinched nerve, so I went to the doctor on Friday. It was the worst news that I could ever get. Is three of us live at the house, and now we don't have anything. We lose our clothes, furniture and documents. Every single thing gone. The firemen said dem couldn't place the nature of the fire, so they have to call it say is 'unknown origin'," she said. Thorpe said she has not slept well since Friday and it is starting to affect her mental health.

"Lawd, dis fire set me back a lot, man, because everything gone. Mi sick and can't work again fi people. Is about five years now mi sick. Right now, mi a stay with mi daughter, who staying with a friend in a one room, and I am really grateful for the help. But I know I can't stay here forever. Right now the way I am stressed, it's like I am all forgetting things," she said.

She said she is now seeking the public's assistance to get back on her feet.

"Everything you can think of, mi woulda need right now. Mi know building back the house gonna be hard, but I can't work. If I could get some chickens to raise and try get back on my feet I would appreciate it. Mi nuh have any house, light or anything. So I am asking anyone who can help me to please help, no matter how small it is. Mi woulda really glad," Thorpe said.

Persons wishing to assist Nadine Thorpe may contact her at 876 452 7553.

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