Cops probing $22 million courier heist

June 09, 2022

Up to press time last night, investigators were still searching for clues surrounding the robbery of $22 million from a Beryllium courier vehicle yesterday in east Kingston.

Head of the Kingston East Police Division, Senior Superintendent Tomielee Chambers, confirmed the incident but was unable to provide any clarity on the matter.

"The only thing I get is that the investigation is in a teething state and that the team is carrying out some investigation. It's that everybody just confuse. But yes they [the security company] made a report that $22 million was robbed from them and I have asked my crime officer for a full briefing of what took place," Chambers said.

The police are reporting that about 9 a.m. three security officers attached to Beryllium were escorting money to be dropped off at various sites. The men reportedly stopped at a location on Jackson Road to purchase breakfast when their vehicle developed mechanical difficulties and failed to restart. The security officers reportedly made several calls to their office to report the matter and waited for more than three hours before a technician arrived. Chambers told THE STAR that while the security crew tried to remedy the mechanical defects, about 12:15 p.m., a black car drove up and one man armed with a handgun opened the rear door of the vehicle and removed two bags with cash and sped off. An alleged eyewitness told THE STAR that two of the security guards were in a shop purchasing items while the other was at the vehicle with the mechanic.

"Dem did only have dem side arms on them but the shotgun was on the dashboard. Di car pull up a dem foot and the driver shout out 'Don't move!'. Same time the other bredda go inna di back and tek out the money," the eyewitness said. The police confirmed that no one was injured in the incident.

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