Butt growing cream hits market - But doctor says they do not work

August 04, 2022

While the Brazilian butt lift procedure that delivers customers a bigger derriere costs about US$4,500 (approximately $688,000), one local Instagram retailer claims to have a cream that gives similar results for just J$5,000.

Sash* said that in addition to the low cost, results can be seen just an hour after using the product.

"I have used the products myself and I have received testimonials from a host of my buyers. The Abadoo butt cream works in an hour and you won't see a major improvement because it is a product and not surgery. But you will see enhancements in an hour if you rub it properly. It is supposed to rub on every 10 minutes within the hour and it should be rubbed until the cream vanishes. We always recommend a little squat when doing it also," she said. Sash said there is also the African Cream which shows full results within three days. She said the products are made in Africa and shipped to Jamaica.

"It gives a better result than the one-hour cream. The results are permanent. Remember African people culture is different and a lot of their ingredients are natural and consist of herbs and so on, so there is something in there that gives off those results," she said. Sash told THE STAR that she believes the creams are a life changer, and said they are doing wonders for persons who are unable to pay for plastic surgery. She said that she has received remarkable feedback.

"I have customers from all over Jamaica and the region who are between the ages of 16 and 50 years. Of course, we have persons who complain that the products don't work but everyone body is different so it may take a longer time for some. Some may not see any result because they did not follow the instructions," she said. "Not everyone has money to do surgery so I think what we are doing here adds people self-esteem. I have been selling these products for over four years and it is still in demand."

But Dr Jan Hochtritt, who is a plastic surgeon, is adamant that the products do not work.

"I saw them on Instagram and it made me laugh. The only thing that might be in effect is that there are some substance in there that might cause some edema, some swelling of the skin, which is basically an inflammation or allergic reaction. That is not an increase in the butt size. That can't happen. There is no substance known to mankind that can be applied externally to increase muscle and fat tissue," he said.

"It is better these buyers donate those money to a children's home because those creams do not work. I would want to know what is in those creams because it is not scientifically possible. If your butt looks bigger after rubbing on the cream then it is swelling. Similar to when you are bitten by an ant, you will get a swelling ," he added.

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