Judge scolds badly dressed woman

September 28, 2023
The Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court
The Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court

A shabby-looking woman, whose undergarment was exposed, drew the ire of Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque on Tuesday when she appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court to answer a charge of child neglect.

"My eyes are burning me," the judge remarked as the merino being worn by Shanique Clarke popped out from beneath her navy blue jumpsuit. He hair also appeared dishevelled.

"Can you imagine if I came in here dressed in any old way? They would say I have no respect for the citizens of Jamaica," Cole-Montaque said.

The attorney representing Clarke tried to apologise for his client's attire, but the judge refused to accept it.

"That is not appropriate for court," Cole-Montaque said.

It is not the first time the judge has criticised persons for their attire. She has espoused the position that people who are appearing before the court should dress as if they were attending a visa interview at the US Embassy.

Persons attending court in Jamaica are required to be appropriately dressed. A dress code published on the parish court's website states that women should be moderately dressed and that their chest, stomach or thigh must not be exposed. Tight clothing and mini skirt are not allowed.

Similarly, men are not allowed to wear earrings, the shirts must be tucked inside pants, chest or chest hair must not be exposed and pants should be secured to the waistline.

On Tuesday, Cole-Montaque refused to proceed with Clarke's matter and adjourned it until October 27.

Clarke is charged jointly with Clifton King.

It was alleged that on June 24, police were responding to reports made about five children being abandoned in a home. The police, upon arrival, noticed that the gates were closed from the inside and beckoned to a female child to open them. The child allegedly ran from the police and jumped a nearby fence, fleeing the premises. The police gained entry to the premises and entered the house where they reportedly saw a child in a barrel, covered in faeces and wrapped in a sheet. Two other children were reportedly seen sitting on a bed and another was under the bed.

The children are said to be ages seven, three, two and seven months old. They were removed from the premises and placed in state care.

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