Man posts lewd videos in ex-girlfriend’s WhatsApp group

November 21, 2023

A Corporate Area man, who admitted to publishing nude videos of his girlfriend in her WhatsApp work group, will have to pay $300,000 as compensation for his actions.

"That was an awful and terrible thing to do. You're going to pay for this you know," Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque said. The Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday heard that the defendant, who will not be named to protect the identity of the complainant, was in a relationship with her since 2021. However, there was an argument between the couple and the relationship ended sometime in October. On October 30, the defendant posted two explicit videos of the complainant in her WhatsApp work group.

"Your Honour, it was the day of the earthquake and my boss saw it ," the complainant related to the court.

"In the middle of one quake you have to be dealing with another quake," the senior jurist said. "People use their fingers for such evil." Due to his actions, the woman was placed on probation at work and was only returned to her position when she decided to report the matter to the police.

The defendant, who appeared in court on Monday on bail, was ordered remanded in custody until December 11, as a "period of reflection" by Judge Cole-Montaque.

He is to return to court on that date and is expected to begin compensation. Sentencing was postponed until then.

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