Schoolboy football a base for future stars

November 27, 2015
Gregory Messam

Admitting his fascination with the recent FLOW Super Cup competition, former Reggae Boy Gregory Messam said the talents showcased on that stage should be looked on as future locally based national representatives.

Messam himself rose out of the schoolboy football competition, with Edwin Allen High in the rural area daCosta Cup competition.

"It's a good inspiration for Jamaica football not only the schools, but just football overall. We would love to see this continue right throughout. I am impressed with the talent and the competition across all schools. That is where it should be," he told STAR Sports recently.

"We (Jamaica) should start from the local talent before thinking about international. We need to have grassroots football in Jamaica. That's the key right now for us. We need to have the local players," he said.

Messam, whose son, Gregory Jr plays for Super Cup winners St George's College, was a left-back player who received more than 30 national caps.

"It's a pleasure to see as a former player. It's like the Champions League of international football. I think it was a great idea for FLOW to come with this to highlight football at the grassroots level," he said.

"I like the emphasis on getting good turf to play schoolboy football. Otherwise, the fields are terrible," he added.

Gregory Messam Jr has scored 15 goals for St George's College so far.

"(He) is greater than me ... I am proud to say they are better than me," said Messam.

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