Lamey brings playing fire to Waterhouse

December 05, 2015
File Kevin Lamey

Waterhouse football hero-turned-assistant-coach, Kevin Lamey, will be hoping to transfer the same passion and give-it-all attitude from his playing days to coaching duties, alongside Anthony Patrick, to lift the Drewsland-based club back to respectability in the Red Stripe Premier League.

"I am fairly new to coaching. I am learning a lot and finding out it is way different as a coach than as a player. As a player, you can get away with any little thing. As a coach, you can't, cause when the team does well the players get praise. When the team is not doing well, it's on the coach," said Lamey.

"The results are not going our way right now, but I see the improvements and it is a work in progress," he added.

Waterhouse won the premier league in 1997-1998 and 2005-26. Lamey scored a season-topping 22 goals and was the Golden Boot Award winner that season.

"I am highly respected among the players because of my exploits at Waterhouse," he said tipping Patrick to turn things around at the club.

"Where passion is concerned, despite the fact that I am a young coach, I believe players, nowadays, the mindset is way different from when I was playing. I don't think they concentrate and focus as much.

"They are not lacking in talent, there is no lack of talent at Waterhouse. I just believe their mental state is not where it should be. They get distracted very easily," Lamey said.

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