Heavy price to pay for Boys' Town dreams

December 21, 2015

Despite 75 years of national league history under their belt, the going is not easy for Boys' Town FC.

Coach Andrew Price contends that South St Andrew club falls behind other clubs financially, despite continuing to turn out good talents and harbouring lofty ambitions of their first league success since 1998.

Boys' Town won premier league titles in 1984, 1986 and 1988.

In recent times, the Collie Smith-based club has been mid-table contenders and has resorted to selling some of their bright football prospects developed or discovered at the club in order to stay financially viable.

According to Price, that trend won't end soon.

"We don't have the financial resources to keep players. As long as we can satisfy the players that we have with what we have, then we will keep them, and if we can't, then they will go to other clubs. That is just something we have accepted and will continue to survive," he said.


Price rules out any relegation battle for his team this season. The team needs a minimum of 36 points to avoid relegation.

"We might not have the financial backing of some of the other clubs, but we can remain competitive.

"I am not about staving off relegation I am about trying to be competitive for the remainder of the season and see where it leads. It could very well lead us in the semi-finals. The fact of the matter is that we are going to go out and play each game with the passion and just look to be consistent," said Price.

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