Parchment wants to clear Rio hurdle

February 08, 2016

For some, 25-year-old Hansle Parchment from St Thomas is already the best Jamaican sprint hurdler of all time. By his own admission, Parchment believes that designation will be a matter of time.

The smooth and confident stride has already seen Parchment on par or ahead of local hurdling giants Keith Gardner and Maurice Wignall, courtesy of a well-crafted Olympic bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics and International Association of Athletics Federations World Championships silver medal, last year.

Gardner won at the 1958 Commonwealth Games and ended fifth at the 1960 Olympics, while Wignall finished fourth in the 2004 the Olympic final.

Wignall also captured World Indoor bronze in 2004 in 13.17 seconds.

Parchment has since clocked 12.94 seconds - a Jamaican record. He is the first Jamaican to break the 13-second barrier.

"I am always going out with confidence and telling myself that I am the best. I am not watching anybody else. I am just focusing on my lane. Sometimes I might get intimidated by big names, but I try not to look on the other guys, no matter what they are doing," Parchment told STAR Sports.

The tall athlete said that he wants to be a name to be reckoned with, globally.

"I think I can go much further. I still have so much work to do and I keep working every day. I am aiming for the highest," he said.

The Morant Bay High and Kingston College old boy is now looking forward to the Olympic Games this August.

"I want to make it through the rounds and get to the finals. God's willing, 2016 will be my year. I think I have a lot more in the tank so I will keep working each day," he said.

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