UWI FC have re-written RSPL history - Myers

April 04, 2016
@Normal:Arnett Gardens' Marvin Morgan (right) shields the ball from UWI FC's Amal Knight during a Red Stripe l Premier League football match at the UWI Bowl, Mona, on March 20. UWI FC won 2-0.

Dalton Myers, director of sports at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona, reveals that UWI FC have surpassed all expectations this season, and emphatically rewritten the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) script.

This, he added, has now fast-tracked their plans to win the competition.

Myers recalls that his team was written off at the start of the RSPL campaign, but credits good management, coaching and teamwork for an impressive debut in the national competition.

"We are going to reassess everything because the idea is not to be just in the league; the idea is to move up every year, and if we move up every year the idea must be to win the league," he told STAR Sports.

It's been a fairy-tale season for the St Andrew-based team.

"The idea was certainly to come in the top 10. There are 12 teams and we just didn't want to get relegated," the director said.

"After losing our first three games, there was a lot of pressure on us, but, looking on, our management team always knew we had the quality and the structure. Our coach, Marcel Gayle, has done a fantastic job at just keeping the guys motivated throughout," he added.

According to Myers, UWI FC have accomplished what they wanted to, and now look forward to next season.

"We can't spend the amount of money that the other teams spend, and we don't even try to do that. What we try to do is to use whatever resources are available throughout."

Myers said it costs $14-20 million to prepare the team, adding that their budget is probably one of the lowest in the competition.

"Because of everything that you have to finance, and we try to stay at the lowest end of the scale," he said.

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