Jamaican Olympic skier competing in world’s toughest downhill race


April 11, 2016
Errol Kerr

Jamaica's Olympic skier Errol Kerr participated in the Arctic Man downhill ski competition. The event, which was scheduled to start Thursday, was delayed for two days because of bad weather.

As many as 13,000 snowmobilers and fans gather annually in the HooDoo Mountains of Alaska for the World's Toughest Downhill Ski races, and an exciting snowmobile race, all in one. In the unique race, skiers or snowboarders start at 5,800 feet and drop 1,700 feet in less than 2 miles.

At the bottom of a canyon, racers meet up with snowmobilers in motion, grab a tow rope and travel more than two miles uphill at which point the two racers disconnect, and the skier or snowboarder descends another 1,200 feet to the finish.

"The course is looking good," Kerr said, adding there's more snow than when he competed in 2010, where he finished fourth.

"Four and a half minutes is the length of this race. A traditional alpine race is around two minutes. The fatigue level is double the fatigue level of other ski races," he said.

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