-Western Grandstand- MBU gets the last laugh, now what?


May 07, 2016
@Normal:Jermaine Woozencraft of Montego Bay United (left), tries to get by Portmore United's Stephen Williams in the 2016 final of the Red Stripe Premier League at the Montego Bay Sports Complex. Woozencraft was on target as MoBay defeated Portmore 2-1 to win the League title.

As many football fans in western Jamaica would have hoped, businessman Orville Powell and his Montego Bay United FC team had the last laugh in their ongoing battle with the Premier League Players Association (PLCA) as they emerged victorious in the contentious 2015/16 Red Stripe Premier League final against Portmore United.

For me, the best thing that happened was what unfolded in the final minute leading up to the game when the MBUFC players and management staff had the PLCA and Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) officials sweating, wondering whether they would show up.

Long before Powell started to lash the PLCA and the JFF for their ineptitude, I have been using this column to lament what can only be described as the ruthless ambush of national football by selfish men in Kingston, who clearly believe that Kingston is Jamaica.

The fact that Powell was able to expose the PLCA and JFF before the eyes of the 24 countries which had logged on to take the television coverage of the final live, was perhaps the most powerful statement he could have made in demonstrating that he is sick and tired of the mismanagement of Jamaica's football.

Now, after being royally embarrassed, I know that the PLCA/JFF will no doubt be seeking to hit back at Powell and MBUFC as hard as they can.

training programmes

Powell knows that while they might have won a few battles, they have lost the war.

If I was in Powell's position, I would ask the PLCA/JFF to keep the entire J$2.5 million prize package. He could tell them to subtract whatever fines they had intended to impose on the club and use the remainder to arrange training programmes for those persons running the PLCA.

Frankly speaking, a J$2.5 million prize package for a competition in which some teams invested more than J$20 million during its nine-month duration, is already a cheap joke. In fact, for MBUFC, I am sure it is more about the prestige than the money.

Since the PLCA/ JFF can do longer deny them victory since they have already won the coveted trophy, I believe Powell should further elevate his disgust with the mismanagement of the nation's football by not attending the end of season presentation ceremony, which should rub more salt into the wounds of his battered enemies.

I am just hoping that the many rural parish associations, who are not able to run a proper programme because of the failure of the JFF to properly invest in the development of football at the grassroots level, will take a leaf out of Powell's book and begin to stand up for their rights. As much as I respect the Kingston and St. Andrew Football Association, especially its leadership, the other parishes need to shine too.

Unlike those persons who claim they like what Powell is saying, but have a problem with his style, he has my support, 100 per cent. Whenever we encounter unreasonable people, we must not feel ashamed to invoke the spirit of Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe, and Nanny the warriors who gave us freedom.

It would be nice if the PLCA/JFF would take this public beating as a cue to look itself with a view of fixing its many faults. However, with the egos involved, I believe they lack the kind of humility it would take to accept their flaws and try to rectify them.

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