Young tennis players take spotlight in Gas Pro series

May 14, 2016
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The Gas Pro Open Junior Tennis Championship will feature more than 45 exciting and competitive up-and-coming starlets, today and tomorrow, at the Liguanea Club in New Kingston.

Fierce competition will be expected in boys' and girls' 10-and-under, 12-and-under, 14-and-under, 16-and-under and the age-18 categories.

The competition is part of the Llockett McGregor Tennis Series, which caters to young tennis players, ages 12 to 18.

McGregor told STAR Sports, that this year, 45 participants including players from Miami, Florida, will square off.

"The addition of players from overseas is good for the sport as most of our young players have been used to competing against each other locally.

"It will be good to expose them to different talents, which would give them more exposure and confidence, and help grow the sport. This is where we want to take it," said McGregor.

Top players who will feature include Mikaylia Stephens, defending Under-16 female champion from last year. Daniel Hill will defend the boys under-18 title. Other winners included John Chin, Daniel Azar, Moesha Fox and Kailey Chin.

Hillel Academy's Mia Minott, who will feature in the 14-and-under as a first timer, is hoping to go all the way.

"I think I can win so I am hoping to play my best game," she said.

Devra Vassell, Gas Pro Limited's marketing officer, said Gas Pro views the sponsorship as part of its corporate initiative to give back and aid the development of a non-traditional sport.

"Gas Pro is more than happy to once more partner with Llockett McGregor on this venture as this tournament seeks to inspire young players from this medium to excel, both physically and academically," Vassell said.

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