Referee of the year living the dream

July 07, 2016
Keble Williams Patrick Planter/Freelance Photographer

Kingston and St Andrew Football Referee’s Group (KSAFRG) Referee of the Year Keble Williams says he is happy living his career dream, noting he made the best choice from an average footballer to embark on the journey of becoming an International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) referee.
Williams and others were presented the accolades during a cocktail ceremony, hosted at the Pollyanna Restaurant, at Stanton Terrace in Kingston, recently.
“I used to play and I used to think that I was good but I could get no games on some of the teams because I wasn’t a name baller. I was watching Sports one evening and when I saw then referees committee chairman Clayton Solomon, saying, for the players that not getting games on some of the teams that you go to, and the coach keep telling you next week, you get a game, come and be a referee,” he told STAR Sports.
The 43-year-old joined the game as a referee in 2004 and was eventually promoted to the FIFA elite panel in 2007.
“It’s a lot of tedious planning, sometimes we get things right, sometimes it’s not right because there are always hitches, but each time you do it there is always time to work it out better and get a better understanding of what to do the next time,” Williams said.
While admitting referee duties are hard, often criticised and unappreciated, he remains happy doing what he loves.
He stressed that a lot footballers play for years but will not go much further in the sport, and should consider becoming a referee as they are fit and love the game and give back to the sport.


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