Bolt is the biggest ever - local bosses

August 27, 2016
Jamaica's Usain Bolt (centre) speaks to Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) president, Dr. Warren Blake (right), as he arrived at Rio de Janeiro International Airport in Rio de Janeiro.
File Fennell

Long-serving track and field administrator Michael Fennell believes sprint legend Usain Bolt will go down in history as the greatest sprinter, declaring "there will be only one Usain Bolt," ahead of the sprint mega star's imminent departure from the sport.

Thirty-year-old Bolt became the first athlete to win triple gold at three consecutive Olympic Games, capping off his Olympic career unbeaten in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, recently.

Fennell, who has served as the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) president since 1976 is encouraging current and upcoming Jamaican athletes to "focus on doing their thing, and making their mark," in the sport.

Fennell doesn't believe Jamaica will ever be able to replace Bolt.

"It's going to be difficult. There can only be one Usain Bolt. I don't think we should talk about replacing him, I think we should talk about another individual who can do his own thing and have his own mark," Fennell told STAR Sports.

Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) boss Dr Warren Blake agrees that Bolt has left a big mark on the sport.

"Usain brings more to track and field than just his speed, he brings his personality and the way he can control the crowd and whip the crowd into a frenzy and everybody really comes out to see a Usain run," said Blake.

The JAAA president feels Bolt proved more popular than other sporting greats before him such as Pele.

"What was really very noticeable in Rio was that on the days that Bolt was competing the stadium was packed to capacity and in some instances where he competed before the final event as soon as he finished competing a significant amount of Brazilians got up and left, because they just came out to see Usain," Blake said.

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