"We want to play" ...STGC firm after death of football captain

September 22, 2016
Ian Allen/Photographer St. Georges College football coach Neville Bell (left) is consoled by Minister of Education Ruel Reid during a devotion held at Holy Trinity Cathedral yesterday after the death of the school's football captain Dominic James on Tuesday.
Former Minister of Education and St George's College old boy, Ronald Thwaites, (right) consoles several St Georges College students during a devotion held following the death of the school's football captain.

Though grieving the sudden loss of team captain Dominic James, 20-time Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association/Flow Manning Cup champions St George's College want to honour their fallen star by returning to 'not just play' but defeat against Excelsior High School, tomorrow.

James, who died just shy of his 19th birthday on Monday, was representing his school during a Manning Cup game against Excelsior at the Stadium East Field, on Tuesday.

He collapsed minutes after the game started and was later pronounced dead at the University Hospital of the West Indies, while undergoing treatment.


big impact


Speaking in a touching tribute at the Holy Trinity Cathedral yesterday, team coach Neville Bell said the team would "make it" and be strong.

"We want to play. His father and mother are not here, obviously it was difficult for them, I spoke to them this morning and asked them what Dominic would want. They said we want you to play," Bell said.

Bell said it was an easy choice promoting the deceased captain to this year. James, who had only transferred to St George's College last year from Jamaica College had made a big impact.

"Every single year, at the start of training I name about five captains, and I tell them we will see who the leader was, it was easy this year. He was a blessing," Bell reflected.

The coach said thanks to all the schools who came down to pay their respects including North street neighbours Kingston College, Holy Trinity, Wolmer's Boys, Excelsior High, Calabar High.

"I have to say thanks to Excelsior; they came to beat us. They were playing hard to beat us but when it happened, they hugged us, they cried with us, they prayed with us, we thank you so very much.

"We want to play. It doesn't matter if we win or lose. It is not just about winning the competition but one of the reasons we want to play is because we are St George's College, we are strong and yes we will cry," said Bell.

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