Don't discount St Catherine teams - Bridgeport coach

October 20, 2016
Denham Town's Malik Goldson (left) goes into a challenge with Bridgeport's Kyle Ming during their Manning Cup game last week.

Having rolled past Kingston-based Denham Town High last week, Bridgeport High coach Garnett Lawrence is warning rivals not to underestimate St Catherine schools, who in his view are motivated, hungry, and working hard to outperform Kingston schools this season.

Bridgeport, last won the Manning Cup in 2006 and 2001.

"We haven't won since 2006, but we are very hungry. They are young at heart but they are very hungry, if we can take it this year, we are gonna take it this year," Lawrence said.

Lawrence, now in his second season as head coach is confident the quality of football in the parish, can deliver a trophy for any St Catherine team.

"It's a good standard of football in St Catherine; a lot of St Catherine teams have performed this year. We give thanks for that, we are building and will get better," he added.

The tactician led the red Bridgeport outfit to a comfortable 2-0 win over Denham Town in the ISSA-Flow Walker Cup quarter finals on Friday.

"We will be looking to build on our momentum, confidence, passing of the ball, and seeing each other before the play, there are a lot more things we can build on, and we intend to get better," he told STAR Sports.

"This year, should be the year," he stressed, noting his team comprised of school talents, who grew together from the under 14 and Under 16 levels.

"We are close, we are getting there. We just have to just make sure when we come on the field we play our game," he explained, adding that despite cruising past Denham Town it wasn't their best game of the season.

"But we will just press on."

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