Atkinson’s contribution to swimming “ immense”

December 26, 2016
AP jAMAICA'S Alia Atkinson competing in the women's 50-metre breaststroke at the FINA World Swimming Championships in Windsor, Canada last Wednesday. Atkinson won the silver medal.

Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica president, Handel Lamey has described Alia Atkinson's contribution to Jamaica's swimming programme as immense.

Lamey said with pleasure that 28-year-old was able to bounce back after her Olympics disappointments after finishing eighth in her favourite event in Rio last August.

"She (Atkinson) gives us tremendous publicity, not only here in Jamaica but overseas," he said.

"Once we are on tours with the senior team and once we call her name we here in Jamaica get the publicity because she is born and bred, and we automatically get that level of exposure because when you look out there in the swimming environment there are not many black swimmers," he added.

Lamey stressed that the upcoming youngsters will be able to learn from some of the challenges Atkinson has faced over the years.

"She has been able to overcome them and champion them going forward," he said.

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