An impossible dream? - Badminton star's Olympic hopes on ropes

March 21, 2017
Katherine Wynter in action at the recent Jamaica International Badminton tournament at the National Indoor Sports Centre.

Katherine Wynter has big dreams of being Jamaica's badminton flag bearer at the next Olympics, but citing lack of funding, said the longer she remains in the island the more impossible her hopes become.

Wynter's eyes are firmly set on training overseas, amid hopes of qualifying for Tokyo 2020, and believes the Jamaica Badminton Association (JBA) could do more to assist.

"I think the JBA could be more active in terms of trying to look for sponsors. It is hard to get sponsors for such a small sport, but they could always do more," she insisted.

"Yes, it is tough, sometimes demotivating, but you have to just have passion and drive. I don't think I can go to the next level from here, we just don't have the funding.

"I just want to keep training, working hard. I plan to be in the 2020 Olympics. That's my ultimate goal," Wynter told STAR Sports.

Late January, the 20-year-old competed at the Jamaica International Badminton Tournament where she had to settle for the runner-up spot in the women's singles - 21-3, 21-8 - to Rachel Honderich of Canada. She also lost in the women's doubles and mixed doubles.




Though disappointed with those losses, Wynter was clear that she has to go overseas to have a chance to beat her higher-ranked counterparts, pointing out that they are better funded, experienced and technically superior.

"I am trying to go to China for training. That's really it ... just looking for sponsors, though, and don't have anywhere right now where the funding is coming from, just looking for sponsors," she reiterated.

Wynter should be heading to Cuba for a tournament at the end of March, if funding becomes available.

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