Henry wants silverware!

March 25, 2017
Mike Henry

COACH Donovan Duckie must start delivering silverware to Mike Henry's Humble Lion if he is to extend his stay beyond three seasons at Effortville.
While crediting Duckie for making two consecutive Premier League semi-finals, Chairman Mike Henry told STAR Sports that his coach needs to win the title now that he has all the resources to do so.
Henry said Humble Lion has more than enough depth and quality to get the job done.
“I put it this way, nothing less than the cup will ever satisfy,” warned Henry, pointing out that if not this year, it has to be next season.
“I will never give up 'til I am number one, and that is the focus that is important,” outlined the chairman.
Duckie is in year two of a three-year contract. He led Humble Lion to consecutive semi-finals, the last two seasons.

Henry said the club’s focus this year will only be "finishing in the top two".
“This is the year that he has given me full time, I am intending to be in the top two,” he said, adding that he gets on well with Duckie, who has personal and family ties to the community,
“We got to the semi-finals twice. Couple of errors on our part cost us the titles so, basically, I hope that the team will stay focussed and make sure that we don’t slip up, at all, and win the next five matches,” Henry said.
Humble Lion are third in the table, 50 points from 28 games played. They have a game in hand.
Henry wants them to stay focussed and not lose momentum.
“I put my foot down, yes, I am working with the team fully. I think that the community and my supporters want the cup in Clarendon. Therefore, I am seeking to make it as mentally possible as I can,” he said, pointing out that winning would lift the image of the club as a football powerhouse.


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