Recruiting too much for some schools to win Champs

March 31, 2017
Former Munro College athlete Delano Williams came to Jamaica from the Turks & Caicos Islands.
Orin Gordon, Munro College head coach.

Head coach of Munro College's track and field team, believes some schools will never win the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association Boys & Girls Athletics Championships because of the level of recruiting it would take to win that competition.

Gordon said that though Munro has a no recruiting policy where Champs are concerned, other schools recruit avidly and those are the schools which will continue to dominate the competition.

"To tell you the truth, we would have to recruit to win Champs as other schools are doing, and we are not into that, it is not a policy of the school," Gordon said.

Munro lost Romell Plummer who was in third form to many-time champions Kingston College (KC), recently, but Gordon remains hopeful that his team will do well this year.

Munro last won the Boys' Champs title in 1968, and have won it overall eight times.

"We are really fortunate to get good guys student/athletes. The people that we attract are book oriented, with some athletic abilities," he stressed

.Meanwhile, Gordon is a proponent of the balance between sport and academics.

"All of them can go on to qualify for a scholarship, definitely," he told STAR Sports.

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