Thank you, Mr Lawson - Samuels rinses 'gangster money'

April 19, 2017
West Indies cricket star Marlon Samuels (centre) with Lola Marson, executive director , Jamaica Society for the Blind (JSF) Blind ; and Church Teachers' College student Garfield Mitchell, one of the beneficiaries of the Marlon Samuels Foundation. Samuels donated $1.85 million to the JSF.

Marlon Samuels yesterday told STAR Sports that 'gangster money', an out-of-court settlement reached with former Australian cricketer Geoff Lawson and broadcaster 2KY for defamation, made up part of his $1.5m donation to The Jamaica Society for the Blind.

"Yeah, definitely, some of the money from the lawsuit went to the (Marlon Samuels) Foundation. I call it the gangster money," Samuels exclusively told STAR Sports during a handover press conference at The Jamaica Pegasus.

During a podcast last year on the Big Sports Breakfast radio programme, Lawson accused Samuels of being involved with criminal gangs in Jamaica.

Samuels, who has already received half of an undisclosed sum, told STAR Sports he would be donating all of the cash to the needy.

"It doesn't matter how much, if all a million dollars, the gangster money, some will be going to my foundation. I will be sending so much kids to school, paying school fee, giving away lunch money, and all these things.

"So as soon as the full, I think they sent half ,so far, as soon as the full money come into my account, I am gonna pull all of it, and just take two weeks around the island, or probably Kingston alone. Thank you, Mr Lawson," he added.

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