Badminton boss throws in towel - joins other frustrated boards members

April 22, 2017
The new executive body of the Jamaica Badminton Association (from left) General secretary Antonio Bell; Council members Barbara Johnson and Andre Wiltshire, Treasurer Sally Chung-Rowe; second vice-president, Nicole Case, Council member, Sean Rennis; Courtney Henry, first vice-president Linly Reynolds, and council member Kemar Valentine


Former badminton boss Courtney Henry said he had no choice but to resign when three other board members also quit their posts because they were the only persons doing any work in the association.

Henry; first vice president, Linley Reynolds; treasurer Sally Chung-Rowe, and council member Andre Wiltshire (council member) all resigned in dramatic fashion on Wednesday, April 12

Speaking with STAR Sports on Thursday, Henry said he felt he could not continue to serve, after the three board members decided to leave.

"The core of the team would resigned and there is no way I could manage, hence the reason I decided to leave," Henry said.

"We worked as a team, but some of the persons on the team would not do any work at all, and with those three persons going it made my life a lot more difficult in terms of getting the work done," continued Henry.

In a hastily called council meeting to fill the void, Nichole Case, the former second vice-president, was elevated to president and Terry Walker, a former council member, was appointed treasurer, while Antonio Bell remains general secretary.

"I think the persons who are there now, they want the job so I think they will make it happen and we will assist in what way we can," Henry said.

"In any organisation you have differences, and we would have worked around the different things. I had no issue with them, and they had no issue with me either," he added.

The JBA's remaining council members are Barbara Johnson, Sean Rennis, Kemar Valentine, and David Thomas, who is an immediate past president.

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