'I can't swim' - Williams claims victimisation after refusal to learn

May 06, 2017
Khadijah Williams

Senior netball player Khadijah Williams believes she was victimised by coach Jermaine Allison-McCracken because of a refusal to learn to swim.
Williams, along with Shanice Beckford and Nicole Dixon, were expelled from the team for deemed inappropriate behaviour during training on Wednesday.
However, 22-year-old Williams, who has been a member of the Sunshine Girls set-up since 2011, said the reason why they were expelled from the team was because of their unwillingness to learn to swim.
“From the very first day we met the coach, she asked us if we know how to swim and the majority of us said no, and then she asked us if we want to learn how to swim and we said no and she said that we should leave if we don’t want to learn how to swim,” Williams said. 
“I have a fear for the water especially at the Stadium. I don’t know the coach and I don’t have a relationship with her and so I can’t trust her with my life,” said Williams.    

Previous national coaches

She added that has no problem with exercising in the pool because she has always done this under previous national coaches.
“I don’t have a problem going into the water but the Stadium pool is big and very deep and I have a fear for deep water,” Williams said. 
“Even before this coach came and we used to do the water training, but I am very short and so I would always go the shallow end of the pool,” she said.
However, Allison-McCracken said part of her approach is to have rounded players.
In an exclusive interview with the Star on April 20, Allison-McCracken said that any players who did not have the right attitude would be expelled.
"I'm not dealing with attitudes of people who can't be bothered to do anything but netball. They won't be an asset to Jamaica. I'm looking for players who want to be an asset and desire to be the best they can be," she told STAR Sports then.

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