No, Pardy - Ellis shoots down DaCosta's Tuesday derby

June 14, 2017
Jockey Shane Ellis

BIG-race rider and president of the jockeys' association, Shane Ellis, said champion trainer Wayne 'Pardy' DaCosta is being selfish by contending that local-racing authorities should consider staging the Jamaica Derby on a Tuesday in order to allow local trainers the opportunity to contract top overseas riders for the prestigious event.

Ellis argued that there are enough quality riders at Caymanas Park and said DaCosta's struggle to find a derby jockey for FEARLESS SAMURAI was the reason for his comments. Ellis added that if another trainer were in the same situation, he believes Dacosta would have opposed the idea.

"It's a personal thing. Mr Dacosta wants the derby to run on a Tuesday to suit himself. If Mr DaCosta wants races to run races seven days a week, to suit him, it must go that way? No, it can't go that way," said Ellis.




"All of a sudden, he wants derby to run on a Tuesday when, over the years, it's the tradition for derby to run on a Saturday, but just because he has two horses, but only have one rider, and the (local) rider he wants, he cannot get, and the foreign rider that he wants can't come on a Saturday," he reasoned.

"If he had his jockeys and somebody else wanted the derby to run on a Tuesday, do you think he would agree? He has (Omar) Walker to ride one (horse). Erwin is his second rider and Irwin is already booked to ride a next horse, so he want it run on a Tuesday to accommodate himself," Ellis added.

The former champion jockey said there was no reason to changing the day of the derby, which is held on a Saturday, a worldwide Saturday tradition.

"It (Tuesday derby) is a no-no for us. It's a tradition on Saturdays. Which derby in the world run on a Tuesday. This is a one-time thing (for DaCosta) and to suit him it must run on a Tuesday?" he asked.

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