No more 'Presi' ... Arnett Gardens gets new structure

July 04, 2017
Mark Golding
Patrick Roberts

New chairman of Arnett Gardens Mark Golding is planning to scrap the title of club president. Golding, who replaced retired Member of Parliament Omar Davies, is planning a major restructuring of affairs at the home of the Red Stripe Premier League champions.

He wants to implement a board and register the club as a company. Current club president, Patrick Roberts, would be a board member, as Golding does not think the new structure requires a president.

"...So we can conduct business in streamlined way with a board to provide oversight and guidance to management. I have had discussions with various people who I think would be good board members," he said

The post of general manager, a position vacated by Richard Bennett, popularly called Charlie Chaplin, will be responsible for the day to day management and a new general manager, Peter Thelwell, has been appointed.


Technical side


Golding said he and Roberts were already in discussions about the changes.

"We have a general manager to deal with the day to day running. The coach is responsible for the technical side of the football, while other managers with assist the general manager and the general manager will report to the board, of which I will chair and I am hoping Mr Roberts will be one of those directors," Golding said.

Bennett and vice chairman, Bruce Bicknell, tendered their resignation but Golding insists both had good reason and his relationship with both men is great, and he expect both to continue contributing to the club.

Bennett made it clear at the start of the season he came to assist former chairman, Dr Omar Davies, and that when he (Davies) demit office he would leave also.

"I have been planning for this. I respect what he has done. I understand the choice he made and I wish him well but I hope to rely on him for counsel and advice," Golding said.

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