Jamaican coaches can produce - Dacres

July 10, 2017
Fedrick Dacres in action in the discus final at the JAAA National Senior Championships.

LONDON, England:

He is now a firm fixture on the major international circuits and will enter next month's World Championships as a favourite for a medal.

Proof, as far as Fedrick Dacres is concerned, that Jamaica does have the talent and coaching expertise to produce high-level athletes in the throws.

"I am glad to be a part of this. It shows that we are improving. We do have the expertise at home, no one needs to leave (the island) and I am not saying anything is wrong with leaving, but the option is there to stay at home," said Dacres.

The former world youth and junior champion had to overcome a headache to finish second in the event at yesterday's Muller Anniversary Games inside the London Olympic Stadium, with his 66.66m distance placing him behind world leader Daniel Stahl, 66.73m, and Philip Milanov, 66.65m.

It was a performance and a result that confirmed the Jamaican's spot in the discus Diamond Race finale, which takes place in Brussels, where he will be competing for the US$50,000 jackpot.

"As a Jamaican, I feel a sense of pride being among the top guys and there is a push, because I want to continue the trend," said Dacres, who is coached by Julian Robinson, who has been conditioning him since his high-school days at Calabar.

This was Dacres' eight throw over 66 metres this season, which underlines his remarkable improvements, considering he only had one throw which measured more than that distance last season. His return this year also bettered the two throws he registered over 66 metres in 2015, the year he made the final of the World Championships in Beijing.

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