ISSA, St Jago point fingers after blunder

July 11, 2017

St Jago's Sabrina Brooks, leading goalscorer in last season's Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) schoolgirl football competition, was denied her award, a blunder, which competitions director, George Forbes, has laid squarely at the feet of her school.

Forbes said St Jago had failed to submit requirements stated by ISSA for individuals awards. As a result, Brooks was overlooked when the individual prizes for 2017 were being decided because her information was not available.

"No returns came from St Jago and that (leading scorer) was not the only prize they won. They won the prize for most goals scored. It was at the presentation they were telling us.They didn't get either prize because they didn't send in their form," Forbes insisted.

Denham Town's Tatyana Polack was named the competition's leading scorer with 26 goals. St Jago coach Robert Lewis cried foul, saying Brooks netted 37, and have since refuted Forbes' claims of them not submitting their form for the awards.

"Some mix-up went on. It (form) went up (to ISSA) with a set of papers because it's a single sheet of paper, so possible it got missing. I don't know what happen. Even if that is the case, they have match cards, they could have checked," Lewis reasoned

"Everything was done and they got it long before the presentation. The bus driver went there (ISSA) to do something else and they gave him the form," he added.

Forbes, however, said ISSA is considering recognising Brooks for her outstanding performance, on 'humanitarian grounds', with a trophy or prize. He insisted it was St Jago's negligence that caused Polack to be officially recognised as top scorer for the season.

"On humanitarian grounds, we could give her a prize. We will look at it, talk to the principal and see how we can appease the young lady. It's not really her fault but we don't want to say she really won. She won, yes, and we were not neglectful in awarding her the prize. We gave the prize according to the forms with the nominees we got, said Forbes.




"It was negligence. The (St Jago) people are experienced and they realise their oversight. The prize for leading goalscorer is indisputable. Only the others (awards) are subjective, but we are going to recognise the young lady, he pointed out.

"The important thing is the young lady. We want to give her a prize. Something she can put on her mantle to say she scored this amount of goals for the season," he added.

Lewis, meanwhile, said the case is in the hands of St Jago's principal. He demanded that ISSA improves its organisation and professionalism in less-popular sports.

"The principal will deal with it. She will write the report and I will provide certain things. ISSA needs to organise themselves. They need to take the same approach they have in track and field, Manning and daCosta cups because it seems girls' football is not important," he said

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