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July 13, 2017
Jamaica's head coach Theodore Whitmore

JAMAICA will tonight make changes to the team that won its opening Gold Cup game against Curacao on Sunday, hoping to counter regional kingpins Mexico in the feature Group C game at the Sport Authority in Denver, starting eight o'clock, Jamaica time.

Both teams won their opening encounters by two-goal margins. The Reggae Boyz avenged their Caribbean Cup final loss to Curacao with a 2-0 win. Mexico cruised to a 3-1 win over Central American counterparts El Salvador.

However head coach Theodore Whitmore believes he must make changes to the team that started and won against Curacao in order to claim a result against the Mexicans.


Last performance


"Obviously the way we want to play the Mexicans and the personnel we want to put out there to match up against them means we will switch around a few players in order to counter the Mexican team. Despite the conditions, the guys really can go out and do something positive against this Mexico team.

"All Mexican teams play the same, from youth to senior level, and we expect no difference. We saw them against the El Salvadoran team and they like to go down the wings and put in a lot of crosses. We want to play our normal game and improve from the last performance in our transition, ball possession going forward and playing the ball a bit quicker," he noted.

Whitmore said the players are ready for the encounter and remains confident that a good performance can do the trick and give them three points against the regional giants.

"We know it's a tough game and all the games we play in the first round are going to be tough but we are preparing and the guys are ready. The most important thing for the Mexico game will be the performance.We want everyone to perform at a maximum level. We are not too concerned about results because a good performance can carry us to a good result," he reasoned.

The game at Denver's Sport Authority field will be played at high altitude. Despite Mexico's advantage in that regard, Whitmore believes all is needed is the right mental preparation

"It's just the mental preparation, if you go out and think about altitude then we fail. We have to go out and give a good performance, despite the condition or situation we are playing in," he said.

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