Duckie did his best - Henry

July 25, 2017


HUMBLE LION's search for a replacement for coach Donovan Duckie could take them overseas. Team Manager Sheldon Holness yesterday told STAR Sports the club does not intend "to just hire anybody".

Duckie and Humble Lion parted ways at the weekend. Holness said they have not ruled out looking outside the country for the right trainer.

"The focus right now is getting a replacement. We are in the process of acquiring one, but we don't want to just choose anybody. We will make the announcement at the appropriate time. Right now we are in the process of getting somebody. We are not going to just take up anybody," he said.

"We have never limited that possibility," Holness said, adding that their search could take them overseas.


Mutual consent


Duckie spent the last two seasons with the Clarendon club, helping them reach the Premier League semi-finals for the second successive season. However, after losing to eventual champions Arnett Gardens in last season's semi-finals, Duckie's tenure at the club came into question.

Even though Chairman Mike Henry gave Duckie his vote of confidence a few weeks ago, The STAR understands that both parties met at the weekend and agreed by mutual consent to end their relationship.

"Donovan clearly did his best and we wanted to continue with his service. We saw the need to and had the desire to build on what we accomplished together. But a factor or two have intervened, forcing us to go separate ways," Henry stated in a release.

Holness said the goal is to grow the club and whatever is done is geared towards that objective.

"We (Humble Lion) have mutually parted company with coach Duckie. Football is bigger than all of us and, at the end of the day, whatever we do, our actions must be in line with making football and this football club better," he said.

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