Rule me out! - Shaw says he wont vie for netball top job

July 25, 2017
Wayne Shaw (centre)

VETERAN sports administrator Wayne Shaw said despite being among persons eligible to challenge incumbent Paula Daley-Morris for the post of president of Netball Jamaica, he has no such ambitions.

The annual general meeting of Netball Jamaica, which is held every two-years, is scheduled for November.

Shaw, a director at Netball Jamaica, told STAR Sports he has been asked by persons within netball circles to challenge Daley-Morris.

"I have no interest in running for the presidency of Netball Jamaica because it is a woman sport and must have a woman president. That is my view," said Shaw.

"I have been asked a by a lot of people and I have told them I have no interest in it. I am the president of KSAFA (Kingston and St Andrew Football Association), president of the Business House Football Association five-a-side and 11-a-side competitions, so I cannot take anything else on my plate.

"I also managed Scotia netball. I manage Jamalco and CablePro, so that's just about it. I will only do management in netball will not run for the presidency," Shaw added.




Netball Jamaica's constitution stipulates that in order to run for presidency, candidates must be a board member for two years.

Shaw, along with first vice-president Jackie Robotham and second vice-president Cora Ricketts, are the only other members of the board who can challenge Daley-Morris for the post in November.

"They have ladies in the association that can run it so, if they want to challenge, let them challenge," Shaw said.

The Daley-Morris led administration has come under a lot pressure in recent times, especially after the Sunshine Girls 1-1 draw against Barbados on home soil in May.

The Jamaica Under-21 netball team also had a dismal showing at the Netball World Youth Cup in Botswana, finishing fifth.

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