Forbes bringing more energy

August 05, 2017
Damar Forbes leaps in the qualifying of the men's long jump event.


After booking a spot in his second World Championships final and his second at a major international championships after last year's 12th place Olympic finish in Rio, long jumper Damar Forbes is looking to bring the energy and take another step.

Forbes jumped 7.93m on his last attempt to qualify to today's medal round and even though he is not satisfied with today's effort, he is confident he stands a good chance to get on the medal podium and is looking to change his approach at today's 8:05 p.m. (2:05 p.m. Jamaica time) finale.


Technical issues


"I feel like I could have gone better today but the objective was to qualify, survive and advance and I did that today. I had some jumps where I had some technical issues and dropped my arms back, so I feel I could have gone over 8 metres a couple of times, but that's what happens in competition like this, you have to bounce back and respond," Forbes told STAR Sports.

Forbes, who registered marks of 7.82m and 7.86m in the previous two rounds, added that spending time preparing in Birmingham certainly helped him deal with the testing conditions inside the London Stadium.

"I think it helped, we practised in Birmingham and it was rainy and cold and I feel that if your mindset is to go through it no matter what then nothing can hurt you," he said.

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