Stewy confident he can sway delegates

August 12, 2017

Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) presidential candidate Ambassador Stewart Stephenson, admits there is a lot of work to be done to convince delegates that he is the right man to lead Jamaica's football.

He is however confident he can persuade unconvinced members to support his candidacy for the September 16 elections.

"I know my opponent, Mike Ricketts, had eight nominations. It was a bit surprising but with work we believe we can get them (delegates) over. We were nominated by four (delegates) and we are confident we can get a fifth and we are working on a few others so we can pick six for sure," Stephenson stated.

He however admitted that it will take some work.

majority of delegates

"There are delegates I believe we can convince we can do a good job and that we have the tools and equipment to make a successful effort that will strengthen the federation and build on the legacy of (Horace) Burrell," he continued.

The former KSAFA boss noted that Ricketts got the head start because he (Stephenson) delayed in announcing his interest in the presidency.

"There are 13 delegates that are critical. We are focused on convincing the majority of delegates that we bring the best approach to move the federation forward. We played, coached and analysed the game and we have administered football for 42 years and every time we come to the game we bring progress to the development and private sector support," he said.

Stephenson said his team had taken an approach to support one of the candidates but that the calls for him to run were very strong.

"I responded and accepted nominations and now we are doing our work now to ensure that by September 16 we have a majority vote. It is going to be close but I think we can get there," he insisted.

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