H View, MoBay at odds over Fletcher

August 17, 2017
File Fletcher

Harbour View and Montego Bay United are at odds over moves to pry young striker Jourdaine Fletcher from western Jamaica to east Kingston.

Harbour View general manager Clyde Jureidini told STAR Sports that the club is in talks with Montego Bay United regarding Fletcher and two other players from the Second City, Peter Lee Vassell and Dushane Beckford.

Jureidini said Harbour View have an interest in securing Fletcher's signature and the player has shown similar interest in playing for the Stars of the East, but the deal is far from being wrapped up.

"We have been communicating with Montego Bay, the player and all the parties concerned, privately. We want to continue that process until it's concluded. We are interested in the player and are communicating to make that a reality, but we are not there as yet," he said.

However, MoBay United's chairman, Orville Powell, told STAR Sports that Harbour View's offer for Fletcher was rejected.

"There was an offer and it was rejected, and they were told that no further discussion would be heard on it," Powell said of moves to pry Fletcher, who was axed from a Reggae Boyz training squad due to a lack of fitness in the summer.

Sandra Christie, Montego Bay United's director of administration, suggested Harbour View could be in violation of transfer regulations.

"If a club has desire of obtaining a player who is contracted, there are certain procedure they must go through and, if the club desires getting the player, they have to contact the club not the player.

"I have no such arrangement with Clyde Jureidini. Go to the PFAJ (Professional Football Association of Jamaica) and query of them if they have any such transaction for the player being moved to Harbour View to substantiate what was said," she added.


Ongoing process


Jureidini revealed that they have been talks for more than five weeks but did not want to go too much into details until the deal is done.

"I don't want to say too much, just that we have an interest and we have been communicating over the last five weeks. We have been talking to the players, parents and officials of Montego Bay United and that is an ongoing process, privately, and we respect everybody's wishes until it comes to a conclusion.

"The players have voiced an interest to come and our technical staff, led by coach (Ricardo) 'Bibi' Gardener, is interested in having them. There are other parties around who have voiced that they would like them to come. We are in communication for those players to come if everyone is in agreement and the right processes are followed, but we have a stated interest in the players and they have clearly said they want to come," he said.

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