Sweeping changes! - Price promises reaction after Boys' Town's struggles

November 10, 2017
Boys' Town's Phillip Peddie (forefront) and Portmore United's Kemar Philpotts vie for the ball during a recent Red Stripe Premier League game at the Barbican Field.

Andrew Price, coach of the Red Stripe Premier League strugglers Boys' Town, is planning to make sweeping changes to his team ahead of this weekend's game against promoted side Sandals South Coast.

Price made his comments following his team's embarrassing 4-1 defeat to Portmore United on Wednesday at the Barbican Sports Complex.

The defeat left the Red Brigade second from bottom in the standings on six points from eight matches. Their record currently stands at one win, four defeats and three draws.

Price told Star Sports that the boys are showing a lack of commitment, and therefore he will be making the necessary changes in order to stop the team's poor run of form in the competition.

"We are going to have to do some introspection and make the necessary changes because we can't continue in this manner," said Price. "I believe that a lot of the players are not following instructions and we have reached the point in the season, where we will have to find people who can do the work right now."

"There is not enough commitment, and we are going to have to find those individuals who are committed," he said.

He added: "We have to regroup and get ourselves ready again because it is a long season and so there is enough time to make the corrective measures and we are going to make them."

He pointed out that his players failed to equip themselves properly against Portmore United, hence their heavy defeat on Wednesday.

"I don't think we played with any heart because we were not physical and Portmore overran us for the majority of the game," said Price.

"We are going to have make some changes because we are going to have to put the best players out there who can do the job," Price said. "I didn't see the effort from a lot of players and so I am going to have to send a message to them."

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