Rodman could face stretch

December 07, 2017
Marloe Rodman

Marloe Rodman, the face of local cycling, was yesterday slapped with multiple charges, including manslaughter and traffic violations while in bed at hospital. Senior Superintendent of Police Calvin Lewis said that the law had to take its course despite the national cyclist's physical condition.

Rodman was allegedly doing stunts when he collided with another motorcyclist last Sunday. He was riding a motor bike in Gordon Pen, St Catherine. Both men were taken to the Spanish Town Hospital. Rodman is now recovering following surgery. However, the other motorcyclist was pronounced dead.

"We are going by the route of prosecution. He has been charged with manslaughter, arising from the death of the individual (Anthony Gordon). I know they (prosecution) proceeded by summons. I was sort of waiting until he recovered, but, you know the process of law. So although he is not able to go to court now, the process of law has to take its course," Lewis told STAR Sports.




Rodman, the darling of local cycling, has been slapped with five additional charges, including riding a motorcycle without insurance, riding without registration, riding without a certificate of fitness, and riding without any registration plate affixed.

The veteran rider has not only dominated the local circuit for almost a decade, but has done reasonably well regionally and internationally. He will face the court on January 18, Lewis said.

"He is slated to face the court this month. I think there is a date actually set for the 18th. I don't know what his medical state is but I am hoping he will recover," he added, reminding road users to drive with care.

"We are very mindful for him to get well and we are also mindful of the family of the deceased. A family is now devastated. It happened at a time when everybody is looking to celebrate Christmas. We are pleading for persons to drive better than they are doing, and to use the road with absolute care to save their lives and the lives of other road users," he said.

Meanwhile, Joylyn Griffiths-Irving, cycling president, said the association would comment at a later date. "You have to give me more time before I can say something on his future. I cannot comment. As soon as we can, I will let you know something but I can't say anything now," she said.

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