Forbes shoots at Ricketts

December 13, 2017

Veteran netball administrator Cora Ricketts said she is not surprised by Simone Forbes' decision to challenge her on Saturday for the post of second vice-president at Netball Jamaica's annual general meeting (AGM).

Ricketts, who has been in the post for the last two years, told STAR Sports that she welcomes the challenge from the former Sunshine Girls captain.

The AGM was originally scheduled for last Saturday, but was postponed.

"It's a voluntary job and so I don't feel any way to be challenged by anybody," said Ricketts. "I am not surprised by this at all because nothing surprises me," she said.

Ricketts added that she was very optimistic that she will retain the post on Saturday.

"If you are going in a competition, you are expecting to win, so that is my expectation," said Ricketts, "but win, lose or draw, will accept whatever the situation is at the end of the day," she said.

Forbes, who, up to last week was only nominated for the post of director, said she decided to run for second vice-president, because she believes she has great chance of unseating Ricketts.

"There is no rule that says you can only run for one position. I have already been nominated for a director position so now I am going to add the second vice-president position to that. You can only hold one. Preferably, second vice-president is the one I want," she said.

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