Mattocks wants Boyz in top 50

December 14, 2017
Darren Mattocks

STRIKER Darren Mattocks said he is itching for the Reggae Boyz to break into the top 50 of the FIFA Coca Cola World Rankings, which would enable Jamaican players to apply for work permits to sign with English clubs.

Jamaica are ranked 54th in the world. English FA rules stipulate that nations must be ranked in FIFA’s top 50 for a period of two years for its players to be eligible for a work permit.

Former Reggae Boyz captain Rudolph Austin was forced to leave England in 2015 after a three-year deal with Sheffield Wednesday fell through when he was denied a work permit. Jamaica were ranked 74th at the time.  

“A couple of players on the national team know we have the potential to play in England, whether, it’s a Kemar Lawrence, Andre Blake, and myself included, we know that we are good enough to play but the barrier, in terms of rankings, where we have to be inside the top 50 over a period time, is what is keeping us from going to England,” Mattocks said.

“There has always been interest for us, as players, to go there, even if it is not in the English Premier League, but the Championship. We can always move up to the Premier League,” said the former Bridgeport High School football star.

Mattocks said the Reggae Boyz have done well in matches played this year and, if they continue to do well, will break into the top 50 soon.

“It is for us to continue to do good for the national team to get the country within the top 50 and stay there,” Mattocks said. 

“The quality is there to play at the highest level because we have Leon Bailey doing well for his team in Germany. There are a lot of quality players in Jamaica and hopefully we can get into the top 50 and break this barrier down,” he said.

Mattock, who has scored 12 goals for the Reggae Boyz in 39 appearance, is set to ply his trade for DC United in the United States Major League after being traded from the Portland Timbers on Monday. 

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