Cricket, lovely cricket, in Ballards Valley

April 17, 2018
This youngster skillfully bats his ball.
IGL Blue Flames wicketkeeper Rohan Dennis (right) dives and collect the ball whilst trying to run out MP Franklyn Witter.
These children were certainly having fun while chasing a clown at the IGL Curry Goat Cricket series that was held in Ballards Valley, St Elizabeth, last Sunday.
Kids also got the opportunity to enjoy the day.
Jean Houston shows off her cooked corn while at the IGL Curry Goat Cricket series in St Elizabeth last Sunday.
This competitor was very focused as he sang his heart out in the singing contest.
General Trees entertains the audience with his catalogue of songs.
This IGL employee participates in a singing competition.

It was a carnival-like atmosphere inside the Manley Horne Cricket Ground in Ballards Valley, St Elizabeth, on Sunday, as a number of female spectators turned out to watch the opening match in the IGL Curry Goat Cricket Series.

Zaniyah Rashford, who grew up in St Elizabeth, but now resides in the United States, with her daughter, Zoe Rashford, were among the spectators who turned out to watch the St Elizabeth All-Stars battle the IGL team in a 30-over match.

Rashford told Western Star that she had a wonderful time at the match.

"Over the years growing up in St Elizabeth, this is always a real kids-friendly fun day event," said Rashford. "The music was nice, the people are friendly and so it is something good to bring your kids to watch and enjoy."

Rashford noted that her daughter is not from Jamaica, and she now knows what a fun day is like in Jamaica.

"I am a big cricketer lover because I am a past student of St Elizabeth Technical High School and so I have to love cricket," she said.

Havapina Harriott said she had much fun during the event because it was filled with excitement and laughter.

"My friend and co-worker invited me and so I decided to come and I am very happy that I did," said Harriott. "It was a lot of fun because the people are friendly, food is nice and the cricket match was great," she said.

"I am a big cricket lover because I used to play backyard cricket with my family members, and so I came and sat and watched every second of the game because it was very exciting. I am going to come back and watch even if I am not invited by anyone," she added.

Meanwhile, Michael 'Clango' Morgan said he got to the venue early waiting for the match to start.

"I am happy to see the ladies and kids around enjoying themselves and having fun," he said. "I have been watching for almost 50 years and it is long time that I haven't seen so many women at a cricket match."

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