JFF says women's league sponsor found

May 19, 2018
Jamaica's senior women's football team in training at the UWI JFF Captain Horace Burrell Centre of Excellence on Saturday, April 7.

Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) President Michael Ricketts said that the national women's football league looks set to return this season, after a two-year hiatus.

Ricketts told STAR Sports that a contract was on his desk for sponsorship of the league, and although he refused to give details, he insists the women's league will be back this year.

"We will make an announcement by early next week. So women can look forward to a (football) league this year," he stated.

Women's football has struggled with sponsorship for a number of years, with Sherwin Williams being the lone sponsor of the league for 14 years, until they pulled the plug in 2015. However, since they withdrew, the league has struggled for funding.

However, Jamaica's performance on the international scene has not waned, and Charles Edwards, the coach of many-time champions Barbican, argued that Jamaica's impressive record internationally warrants more support for the sport domestically.


"More support can be given to female football. It's not a big money earner, but a little more support is needed and we have a fairly good chance to go all the way once given proper support," he reasoned.

Meanwhile, Edwards has got some positive feedback about restarting the league this year, but admitted he was still in the dark as nothing has been revealed by the JFF.

"I am blank like everybody. I heard they have sponsorship but nobody has made contact with us, so most of the clubs don't know what's going on. A person from JFF claimed by next week something should be made public, so I am sitting and waiting to see.

"But I am blank as to what's going to happen. Last year we were going to have a league and at the last minute there was no sponsorship. This year we heard we were not going to have a league again. But now they sound more confident they have a sponsorship, although I am yet to hear what's going on. So I will sit quietly without any assumptions and wait until I hear what's happening," he said.

He added that. ""It's two years since they have not played any football, but we are keeping our fingers crossed because I don't see the survival of women's football without a league. When we get back the league we will be more current with what is going on and better able to select players."

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