Am I my dad's child?


November 27, 2015

Dear Pastor,

I am writing with tears in my eyes. I am a long time listener of your show and I have read your column. I am very slim and I am of light complexion. People tell me that I am not my father's child. They say to my father that he has a jacket. I asked my mother who is my real father and she told me that my daddy is my real father. Even my boyfriend asks me who is my real father. He said he heard his mother with it.

My mother had five of us and I am the only one that doesn't have any resemblance of my father. Even my sisters say that I am their sister on their mother's side but not on their father's side. My mother told me that she has never had sex with another man since she met my father. Sometimes I want to believe her but when I hear my own sisters cursing me, I doubt my mother.

My sisters are jealous of me because I have broad hips and pretty hair. They do not show me any love.


Dear N.A.,

Accept what your mother has told you and do not allow what you are being told by your sisters and others to affect you. People call you a "jacket" but your father has accepted you as his child. He has never questioned it, at least to your knowledge. If your mother is lying you cannot do anything about that. Your sisters are jealous of you but you would like to live in peace with them. Do not embarrass your mother by questioning her about whether she was unfaithful to your father. Continue to be respectful to both your mother and father and ignore your siblings when they say unkind things to you.


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