My Confession: I burned down my house and blamed it on the dog


November 27, 2015

STAR, when I was nine I did something that almost killed my entire family. Until this day, they don't know I was the one who did it.

I was playing in a room and found one of my mom's high-heel shoes. It had some feathery-looking things on the front. I thought they were so pretty. I found a match nearby. I wondered what would have happened if I lit the pretty feathery-looking things on the shoes, so I yielded to my curiosity.

It frightened me how the whole shoes catch fire instantly! I panicked and flung it under the bed, closed the door behind me and sat in the kitchen with my mother.

Sometime after, we just see when the whole house full a smoke, and me father running from outside, into the house, screaming, "Fire! Fire! Fire!"

The house was burnt so bad that we had to relocate.

It's been more than 20 years now, and my parents still talk about it, and wonder what really happened that day. Sometimes mi help them speculate as to what happen, by suggesting that maybe the dog bounced over one of my mom's scented candles that she always light to make the house smell good.

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